The Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game is ready to take your 5E adventures to new realms.

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The Tales of the Valiant RPG is a Black Flag Roleplaying Game from Kobold Press. Gather your friends and journey together across a labyrinth of worlds in search of adventure!

The Player’s Guide includes 13 base classes, lineages and heritages from classic fantasy roleplaying, and all the rules you need to be a player or GM—all in one book.

The Monster Vault includes every dungeon-crawling and fire-belching fantasy creature you need to craft compelling fantasy encounters. It also has concrete advice on making challenging encounters and using the new Doom trait on monsters.

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You need two books to play: The Player’s Guide and the Monster Vault.

Player’s Guide

Start your own tale in an infinite universe of high fantasy adventure with the Player’s Guide! Within these pages, a trove of knowledge lies waiting for the valiant to claim it!

  • Make your own unique, legendary hero with the new Lineage and Heritage system.
  • Select Talents and Backgrounds that make your hero stand apart.
  • Master improved spellcasting and martial abilities to ensure every hero stands tall in a fight!
  • Explore new downtime, exploration, and social encounter rules to expand your game beyond the dungeon.

The Player’s Guide is a streamlined, 5E-compatible ruleset with unique mechanics to increase both risk and reward for adventurous players of all stripes!

Monster Vault

The Monster Vault contains over 400 monsters and all the guidance you need as a game master to run encounters with those monsters! Inside, you’ll find:

  • Classic fantasy monsters, such as ogres, dragons, water elementals, and giants.
  • New monsters suitable for any fantasy or science fantasy world, such as ambush hags, virtuoso liches,
  • fey guardians, mechadrons, and robots.
  • New terrors from the ever-corrupting Void, such as voidlings, star crows, crimson jellies, and the mighty void dragon.

The Monster Vault contains all the information a GM needs to create encounters with monsters, including monster roles and tactics, guidelines for modifying monsters to fit your campaign, optional rules for Doom points, and rules for characters wanting to harvest monsters for unique crafting and spell components.

Player's Guide
Monster Vault

Black Flag

Black Flag Roleplaying is an open, 5E gaming system that enables anyone to publish and play fantasy tabletop. Free. Forever.

The Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game runs on BFR rules. It allows us to experiment with the rules and tell some of our own stories.

You can create and publish your own Black Flag Roleplaying content with no chance of anyone telling you that you can’t.

Get the Black Flag Roleplaying Resource Document (BFRD) here.

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Character Sheet

Get this form-fillable PDF character sheet for free at the Kobold Press web store.

Tales of the Valiant Character Sheet

The Valiant Six

Want to start playing now? Download the Valiant 6, six ready-made characters from levels 1-4, ready to go.

Valiant Six Character Sheets

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