Tales of the Valiant Compatibility License

The Tales of the Valiant Roleplaying Game is a powerful fantasy engine built for the Open Gaming community. You can publish your own adventures, sourcebooks, or web site using the free Black Flag Reference Document (LINK), and can show other players that your site or game materials compatible with Tales of the Valiant by displaying the Compatibility logo.

What is the Compatibility Logo?

The Tales of the Valiant Compatibility Logo includes the blue Tales of the Valiant registered trademark and the word “Compatible” to show a product is compatible with TOV. You get access to this logo for your product or web site by signing and accepting the Compatibility License terms. {LINK}

What does it Cost?

The logo is free to use; however, you must accept certain terms and conditions to use it correctly. These are outlined in the license itself.

What is Required to Use the Logo?

You must provide your name and/or your company name, your email, and your address, and you must sign the license. Once signed, you get a copy of the compatibility logo, the license, and a supplemental document with a simplified description of how to use the compatibility logo correctly

Can I See the License?

Of course! It’s available right here.

That’s it! If you publish materials for Tales of the Valiant RPG, this is the fastest and easiest way to show the world that your work ready to roll at game night.

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